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02.05.12: The Impact

For those that don't know, Kevan, and a few of his friends were injured in a serious car accident over the weekend.

A car, driven at a very high speed, on the wrong side of the road, smashed into a car driven by his friend, Jessica. Kevan, Jenna, and Veronica, were also in the car.  Jessica was heading straight up Hyde Park Ave, when the car came over the hill. Two seconds before he hit her, she made the decision to cut the wheel to the right, as hard as she possibly could. That decision absolutely saved Kevan and Veronica's lives (they were on the passenger side of the vehicle, where the car would have impacted). 

Ambulances, firetrucks, and police responded to the scene, and Hyde Park Ave was closed for most of Saturday night/Sunday morning. I know that news reports have indicated that the kids were not badly hurt and given the circumstances this is true, but Kevan and Jess have an extensive recovery period in front of them, and Veronica is looking at a few of months in castes and rehab.
  • Veronica sustained two broken wrists, a broken arm, a broken hand, and a distended (?) thumb.
  • Jenna suffered a black eye, eight stitches in her left eyebrow, and a concussion.
  • Jessica has some serious injuries to her right hip, left knee, and left arm. She is still currently in Brigham & Women's hospital, about to be moved to a rehab facility.
  • Kevan has multiple facial bone breaks and fractures, but otherwise is in great physical condition (just a couple of bumps and bruises).
Not only a HUGE Bruins fan, Kevan is also a crazy country music fan. Earlier in the day, Kevan, and Jenna, had gone to the Bruins game against Pittsburgh, and then met up with Jaclynn at the Hard Rock for the Dierks Bentley CD Release Party. Kevan was pretty psyched to get a shout out by Dierks for waving his Bruins shirt! After the accident, that same shirt may have saved Kevan's life. Kevan had on his Marchand t-shirt, and used that to try and staunch the bleeding from his face. Not being able to find any of their cell phones, Kevan situated the girls best he could and ran, still with the t-shirt up to his face, to the Readville Fire Station. The firefighters had just received the call and were gearing up. Instead of getting on the truck with them, Kevan turned around and ran back to the crash site. All, with a completely broken face.

So, I (with his permission) will be posting at least one photo per day, to chart his recovery.
This first photo is from his arrival in the ER at Beth Israel...


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