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02.12.12: Recovery: Day 7

It's been one week since the accident and Kev is still residing on the 6th floor of the West Campus Clinical Center at BIDMC. He's doing better, but suffered a slight setback over the last couple of days. He decided that today was an afternoon nap kind of day...

Pete sent in this pic for Kev, to let him know the old crew can't wait for him to get better (we hope Mike will have his eyes open, and someone should probably wake John up)...


Kristin said…
Cant believe how much better he is looking!! heres to a FAST recovery!!! Hope you feel better Kev!
Wayne said…
Way to go Kevan! Great to all the progress you've made. We were so worried. Thanks Jaclynn for all of the updates.

Wayne Wilhelm
cousin debbie said…
Looking good!!! Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings you get better looking everyday. love you to the moon and back.
Cousin Debbie

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